“Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings”

Salvador Dali
Excelsior art photography by Bruno D'ALIMONTE
Excelsior © 2015 Bruno D’ALIMONTE

From the top of my holiday resort, I enjoyed the dramatic landscapes as the world is constantly being rebuilt. I bear the names of the greatest palaces and Latin is far behind.  A few aristocratic pigeons squat and enjoy the view.
In a hurry, I close the curtains while, on the other side opposite, a photographer is laughing at me.

The young people don’t respect anything anymore!

From the top of my resort, I savour the dramatic landscape. The world keeps falling apart. In a hurry, with a cup of Franciacorta in hand, I savour my chance to be on top.
Stan Lee’s motto, accompanies me while the great palaces are well behind.

Bruno D’ALIMONTE  2020/03