I discovered once PARADISE by accident, simply on loosing my way by car but also when you’re Bruno, you always like to get yourself lost.

So I took the next junction to turn back to the main road. But then, I saw this spectacular cityscape with a kind of slogan that inspires me to the change like a new revelation.



Was it a call for a change for the better or a threat?
I don’t know about you but when you see that kind of place, It gives you a visceral reaction from your guts that gives you the need to be elsewhere : not the moment to stay here. Moreover, I only. had a my second-rate smartphone to catch that mood , no chance to snap something good from the place with.

That said, in my head, the image was printed. it questioned me to know if my head had not crunched a tree during a frontal shock and that my disturbed soul did not juggle and did not make love with the other side of life.  I know it sounds absurd because I’m writing to you precisely now.

Then, time has passed,and one day, during a freezing cold, almost one year later, I plan a going back to PARADISE: this improbable Belgian metro station that we can admire only when it rains and during the blue Hour. That magic moment is significant to cherish the light in a movie scenery.

For who loves stories, I tell myself that at PARADISE, there is’nt much hope ( to the point that an escalator welcomes you for the last climb), we already have made a lot of steps during our path. Otherwhise it’s time : you need to escape, you saw a sign and now, the countdown has begun.

As far as I’m concerned, I wish my PARADISE to be somewhere else, like the find in the search.


To make you want a year rich in (re)discoveries