Bruno D’ALIMONTE  (Italy, 1969)

self portrait of Bruno D'Alimonte in Amalfi coast

Bruno D’ALIMONTE is of Italian origin, though he was born and currently resides in Brussels, Belgium.  His intimate photographic work pays a tribute to fragility through an ongoing indecisiveness that reflects chaos surrounded by chimeras.  His latest work is the fruit of an unstable but necessary choice depicting a pictorial and metaphoric tension in the narrative. The images he creates are undefined and vague; they play with the narrative codes of everyday images yet are deeply intertwined with the ineffable. The world he shows us through his lens is poetically puzzling, it reflects our evanescence beyond any form of vanity.

Bruno D’Alimonte lives and works in Brussels.  His photographic predilection is for social and urban notions that he likes to phase with the passing of time.  He is also known for the portrait photography he did for Le Soir, the Belgian quality newspaper.


2009 & from 2013 to 2019

Art Truc Troc at BOZAR –  Brussels


Focus on the new collection of the Brussels Wolubilis Loan Center – Brussels
Small Formats at Médiatine – Brussels


The Funchal Vibes – Brussels


Pop-Up the Jam – Brussels


Bog-Art Contemporary Space – Brussels
Accessible Art Fair at MJBl – Brussels

2013 to 2015

Wolubilis Loan Center of Art – Brussels


META-TAG project with Brussels’Eyes asbl  at Saint-Géry, Brussels
Selected for the Alain Godon Trophy – Le Touquet – France
ARTISTICA Gallery  de Polet Abud Franco –  Brussels
Art in Properties – Maison des Vétérinaires at Cureghem – Brussels
Parcours d’Artistes Saint-Gilles with Cheptisun asbl


Frayeman House – Brussels via Brussels’Eyes asbl and the City of Mouscron
Forest Parc – natures with Cheptisun asbl – Brussels
Artists Promenade, invited by LADRIERE architect – Chastres
Creating Brussels Eyes asbl and  “An unusual portrait of Brussels” at CONGRÈS heritage station – Brussels


Accessible Art Fair –  Brussels
Galerie Brenart with ArtMagna Fed. – Brussels
Aspria space  with ArtMagna Fed. – Brussels


Mozaik Artistik – Schaerbeek


Retrospective and itinerary exhibition from the covers he made over the years for the “BIS…” a social sciences magazine for C.B.C.S.


“CROISE-REGARDS” Gallery – Brussels, “Début”


“THE AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER” – Brussels – Manhattan Memories





L’Echo – culture  31/03/2018 about the Brussels workshops project.
bruxselsfuture 14/04/2018 about the Brussels workshops project.


Your Daily Photograph  05/05/2017 ( One of the winners of the “Daily” call for submissions on the topic “Disappearing.” Each artist freely interprets this topic.)


Focus Vif, 16/01/2015 “Ça marge pour Truc-Troc” by Michel Verlinden
Your Daily Photograph  10/2015


LE SOIR, 2-3/02/2013 pp 15 – PC Portable contre photo d’Art urbanistique by Vanessa Lhuillier


50 degré Nord on Arte TV by Philippe Courtelle about Meta Tag Project 18 & 20/04
BGHM info pp. 14-17 about Meta Tag project
La Libre Un nouveau regard sur Bruxelles by Annaïs Martinez 31/03/2012  pp. 48
LE SOIR, La lumière ajoute la narration à l’image


De Standaard newspaper, “In een Kleine stationnetje…” by Geert Sels 12/08/2011
Accessible Art Fair, Guide To the fair – spring 2011 edition p  17
Poésie Urbaine du quotidien, LE SOIR by Stéphanie Abelooz 11/2011
Regards insolites sur Bruxelles by Jean-Pierre Borloo 11/2011
Portraits insolites de Bruxelles, LE SOIR by Ophélie Delarousée 11/2011



Born January  2nd  in Brussels, Belgium

1989 – 1990

Graphic Research School, ERG  – Belgium

1990 – 1992

I.N.R.A.C.I. Photography High School – Belgium
Starts to work as technician in a black & white professional photography Lab

2011 – 2016

Created the non profit association “Brussels Eyes” and starts working in the press area


Candidate  for the Alain Godon Trophy – Le Touquet – France

2013 – 2016

Selected artist for the Wolubilis Loan Center of Art – Brussels

2015 – 2016

Candidate for Visa d’Or Daily Press award – Perpignan representing  LE SOIR Newspaper