“A photographic walk is above all to contemplate the daily life in order to disentangle all the poetry that surrounds us. Brussels, by its diversity, is an ideal playground for this game.”

Session 3 – Atelier de regards Photographiques à Bruxelles – Abattoirs

Session 3 – Atelier de regards Photographiques à Bruxelles – Abattoirs

How it works ?

With a simple and progressive approach, your host will take car of you during a walk together for a few hours in Brussels. We’ll photograph what touches us while chatting and exchanging our experience. A small group (max 10 pers.) will be encouraged to take pictures during the walk with me whose practice is very spontaneous and low tech. At the end of the journey, a friendly debriefing will take place at “Le Hic” where I will edit and publish the best image of each one in order to optimize it, acting as an accelerator of talent for all.



  • A digital camera with manual settings or a smartphone with Pro-Camera software is suggested, pc connecting cable
  • 1  STIB / Mobib / SNCB
  • Picnic (optionnal)
  • unlearning desire


  • Starting Saturday 4th November at 10:30 from the metro station Delacroix
  • End of Session at le HIc +/-15:00

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Course n°3 Industrial Ardor of Nothingness

Course 3 – workshop

Course 3 – workshop

From the Metro station Delacroix,  we’ll briefly follow the Charleroi canal before crossing close by the slaughterhouse market in Anderlecht and then go to the Albert square direction via the Mons road. We will take a tour around and discover what utilitarian architecture is. Then we will head towards a steel bridge in the cureghem district which may inspire you a kind of approach to industrial easthetic, who knows…

Finally, we will head towards the Brussels south train station where we will take a tramway to Le Hic asbl. On the way, many places filled with stories, sometimes scabrous including Bara street and its now rather apocalyptic view..