Truc-Troc concept : never for money, always for Love…

During a weekend of February at Bozar, visitors can bid for every pieces of Art he wants but no money is allowed for the deal.
Byers have to be creative. With set of post-it notes, visitors can to put their offer on the wall close to the piece of art they like.
On the other hand, this event brings to artist a real opportunity to be seen; it’s a very cool way to approach contemporary art differently, avoiding the rigidity of certain galleries.


Friday 5th February : 18h – 02h
Saturday 6th February : 14h – 21h
Sunday 7th February : 10h – 18h


Ravenstein st. 23
B-1030 Brussels

Train: Central station
Metro: Parc or Central station
Tram : 92-94
Bus: 27 – 29 – 34 – 38 – 63 – 65 – 66 – 71 – 71N – 95 / stop at Bozar

“Usually seen on screen actually but also under a wide range of mediums like plexiglas, wood, metal, etc, when shown on particular places, Images can solve an equation between art and context offering a new relation to question our relation to the world.”

This year, I have decided to promote an installation that you could maybe had seen during my last atelier opening in October. That gives another dimension to my work: the new artefacts shown are made on small format on matte plexiglas with a singular look, going  slowly close to design because of its nature.

But have you ever wondered how works were presented, where they were placed? Which pieces were shown together, and in what order? Exhibition design is central for me. That’s why I made 2 essays that have been selected for the fair.

Here are both prototypes made from the BERLINER LAP that should be seen during the fair.

Because there are not only bad news in our manichean world

For this 12th edition, which will take place on 5, 6 and 7 of February 2016 at BOZAR in Brussels, over 100 artists  and I  invite you to come and barter for their works in more than 1600m2.

Selected Artists
Mathieu Adam, Pablo Avendaño, Robert Baum, Aurélie Bayet, Priscilla Beccarri, Marianne Behaegel, Tom Blaton, Geoffroy Bogaert, Didier Bonnot, Serge Botty, Paula Bouffioux, Pascal Broze, Michel Cerfont, Amélie Chantrain, Nagib Chtaïb, Anne Courtoy, Fabienne Cresens, Bruno D’Alimonte, Patrice de Bruxelles, Marie-Thérèse De Clercq, Anne De Mol, Jean-Marc De Pelsemaeker, Paul De Smedt, Philippe Debongnie, Laurent Defrance, Simon Delneuville, Jennifer Delplanque, Mathieu Delville, Jean-Philippe Demonty, Céline Depré, Jacques Desablens, Loïc Desroeux, Thomas Dos Santos, France Dubois, Florimond Dufoor, Miku Enomoto, Arnaud Eubelen, Clara Fanise, Elyse Galiano, Serena Gamba, Brigitte Geerinckx, Mélanie Geray, Simon Gillart, Brigitte Grignet, Jeroen Hollander, Stéphanie Johanet, Enrique Karabitian, Anne Kiesecoms, Yann Laissy, Benoît Lallemand, Emilie Lambelé, Julien Lambotte, Frederik Langhendries, Lucie Lanzini, Nina Lassila, Corinne Lecot, Thierry Lenoir, Nadine Liesse, Katherine Longly, Valérie Lozet, Charline Mahy, Lola Massa, Michaël Mauquoy, Jérémy Moeremans, Véronique Moeschal, Miguel Moran, Pierre Moreau, Stéphane Nottet, Sophie Oldenhove, Hervé Penhoat, Cathy Peraux, Côme Perché, Manuel Pérez LaCanteria, Alice Piemme, Nathalie Pirotte, Robert Quint, Anna Raimondo, Romina Remmo, Jacques Robert, Pierre Silverberg, Anaïs Staelens, Irving S.T. Garp, Merab Surviladze, Eline ‘t Sant, The Two Jimies, Pauline Tonglet, Bob Van der Auwera, Phil van Duynen, Leen Van Rossem, Guy-Rémy Vandenbulcke, Geert Vanhoovels, Catherine Versé, Aurélie Vinck, Collectif Void, Adam Weiner, Robin Wen, Frédéric Winand, Patrick Zélis.

Selected Designers

Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte, Pierre Coddens, Sarah Leroy, Barbara Calonger, Julien Ruelle, Camille Gouet, Giovanni Fortenio, Kenny Vander Berghe, Laurent Chabrier, Laure Kaiser, Charlotte Bricault, Historeida (Deborah Van der Linden & Guillaume Burnet).

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