Last year, 3 experimental workshops have been run in unusual places of Brussels :

  1. Around North Sation
  2. Cureghem area
  3. Egmont Park

The experiment consisted in a photographic co-writing that would be far away from the standard technical approach. The public space of Brussels became a playground for finding urban visual poems between curious trainees and a photographer.

These 3 sessions gave me the opportunity to emerge visuals for an exhibition that will take place between March and April 2018.

I like to call that quest of visual poems an “unlearning of photography”

Accelerator photographer of a collaborative laboratory

The testers, a lot of curious-enthusiasts, technically unskilled or experienced, were many to play the game of that pictorial and spontaneous search of expression. I encouraged them to make mistakes and to reconnect those who talk about imagination with their child’s eyes.

The walks have been supplemented by technical (for who wish) and historical information about the neighbourhood.

At the end of each urban session, after analysing his production, the participant gets a unique post-processed image ready to exhibit.

The result is a co-created work, a visual mix in which a professional photographer completes an original visual writing.


Sort of “sample from what it could be possible”, this urban exhibition expects a relay  for the next complete visual experience.

  • When :
    30th March to 21th April 2018
    Opening 29th Mach 2018 from 19:00
  • Where :
    Le Hic asbl :  Rue Rodenbach 51 – 1190 Forest (Brussels)
  • Visit :
    Monday to Friday 8:30-18:30 and on appointment

With the kind participation and support of Zuzana Harmathova, Isabelle Lecocq, Beata Sakova, Audrey Sesana, Sara Pavanello, Michel Guissard, Yoann Guyot, Maura Nunziatini, Yves Lobet et le Hic asbl.

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