One day in October, when it is cold, my 3 friends and I put our wings on the coat rack and we go to the usual bar in the area to warm us up at the foot of the fireplace. You discover then that you have been let down.

Angelo (assumed name, prefers to stay anonymous)

I am not the author of this installation, just the photographer who reveals a well hidden secret in a corridor of the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels. And as is often the case, these are things that happen unexpectedly and that it takes time to digest to understand what is going on. I like improbable scenarios and enjoy taking you on these stories that look like me. Let us go?

Angel Wings Deposit © 2016 Bruno D'ALIMONTE
Angel Wings Deposit, Brussels 0ct. 2016

It sounds like a break, a meeting and maybe even a conspiracy.
I like the idea of the latter, that the angels made a quick getaway this year.
You can guess why? I cant think of many good reasons why we read about it and our conscience too.
The wings stay. Real or symbolic, subtly arranged, the wings are just waiting to be spread. The old-fashioned hooks form a partition for a future aerial opus. Each pair has its character tempered by a form of melancholy.

2019/12 Bruno D’ALIMONTE