“The cynic  finds love with the idealist. The rebel with the conformist. The social butterfly with the bookworm. They help each other  balance their lives..”

Joyce Brothers

In the hotel of thought, some host roamers of the random.
Rememberings, ideas, pulsions and fantasms meet themselves for partying.

If you are open and welcoming, there will be many them for meeting you but, for your survival, you’ll have to protect you against the self-righteous.Then It will be necessary to merge in with the crowd and avoid exuberance. 

DOME is an art photograph made by Bruno D'ALIMONTE from the SEPIA IMAGINARIUM set. All right reserved.
DOME, Brussels Jan. 2013

Nonconformist, you master restraint while showing your openness. If you can understand that the domes are sometimes square and that the electric lights emerge from the inside, then maybe you will have a tendency to come and meet me.

And if you realize that you can get in, well without a doubt you are able to build your own hotel.

Bruno D’ALIMONTE  2020/04