“Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings”

Salvador Dali

From the top of my holiday resort, I enjoyed the dramatic landscapes as the world is constantly being rebuilt. I bear the names of the greatest palaces and Latin is far behind.  A few aristocratic pigeons squat and enjoy the view.
In a hurry, I close the curtains while, on the other side opposite, a photographer is laughing at me.

The young people don’t respect anything anymore!

Excelsior art photography by Bruno D'ALIMONTE from the sepia imaginarium set
Excelsior, La Panne Jan. 2011

From the top of my resort, I savour the dramatic landscape. The world keeps falling apart. In a hurry, with a cup of Franciacorta in hand, I savour my chance to be on top.
Stan Lee’s motto, accompanies me while the great palaces are well behind.

Bruno D’ALIMONTE  2020/03