In this coach, with a pensive look, the scenery is passing by my eyes while I’m thinking about our home renovation and my lost parents. Suddenly, «L’AMOUR» a word written in capitals, written on frontage of a ruined building, appeared as the title of a revelation. The next day, I decided to freeze what I saw. I needed that image. Therefore I made a walk in the neighbourhood in that end of season atmosphere but there was no sign of LOVE. Not ready to give up, although after several attempts in the bus and a three hour walk around, I came to this conclusion :  it was probably just a dream or another illusion made by the Demiurge who was cheating on me. The story could have ended there without photograph, but as you see L’AMOUR does exist, it really does! And you know what? The building was located just a couple of minutes by foot from my hotel. I finally caught the picture from behind the bus window during my return to Heraklion airport, this is my last record from Crete. The circle was complete.

L'AMOUR artwork de Bruno DALIMONTE
L’AMOUR, Heraklion Oct. 2017

The point could be just like a naive story meaning that Love is closer than we think… However this simplistic view is too far from our cynical reality; so I’d prefer a dialectic in line with my indecisive mood. TO be honest, that drives me up to know that sometimes luck knocks twice. To me, the run-down building depicts a part of me (and maybe us) that’s growing old. Reading LOVE on a wall is a shaped mantra; It doesn’t help but makes us remember that we once loved or were loved…

Now, let’s remember what we have.

Bruno D’ALIMONTE  2017/12

1L’Amour means Love for who doesn’t know.