Friends can be counted on the of Baron Empain’s fingers or those of Django Reinhardt for the most misanthropic.

Pierre Desproges

Dear you,

Today, I feel like a kettle and I blow hot air on a postage stamp to take it off. I wish I had no more friends. They only hang on to exist for the sake of visibility.
The problem is that by dint of destroying them,slowly but surely, I lost my essence. My selfishness is an abyss.

Friends of Toronto © 2019 Bruno D'ALIMONTE
FRIENDS, Toronto mars 2019

So now that I don’t have much left to show, I think I have touched on the essential : a unique moment of narrative tension that makes life want to hang on.
Maybe I need you and hope you’re okay.

Friendly regards.

Bruno D’ALIMONTE 2020/08