“ I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Hal 9000

For a good understanding, you must be oriented in the same direction. Even if any connected brain is a lightning rod that ignores itself, as long as the signal is good and space is available, the antennas will be erected.
In small doses it’s exhilarating, it feels like communing happiness together,” Francesco, a supporter of Gli Azzurri, the local football team, told me.

SIGNAL is an art photograph made by Bruno D'alimonte from the SEPIA IMAGINARIUM set. All right reserved
SIGNAL, Naples Ju. 2014

Nowadays, these mental infusions fuel all heroic acts by proxy. They have become miniaturized and the signal is intensifying even more in anticipation of a blackout of a new kind.
My weaning is difficult because it alters the virtuality. My passport to the abnormality is here.
I have no more tinnitus, but boredom has returned, so I got back to writing.

Bruno D’ALIMONTE 2020/08