“Better alone than badly accompanied.”1

Pierre Gringoire (XV century)

The scenery was more comfortable behind a thick glass. It’s like in panavision mode at the cinema except that it pitches better. So here we are in a rough sea without seeing any horizon.
Between Calais and Dunkirk, I know the distance is short. The ferry is a bit old but solid, it resists well. The interior is warm, we’ll have food for years.

Tempest from UK in a ferry boat © 2015 Bruno D'ALIMONTE
TEMPEST, North Sea May 2015

The scene depicts the beginning of an odyssey, I just gave up my job and I have a long way to go. Like Brexit, It’s an opportunity to feed your faith and cherish the day.

Bruno D’ALIMONTE  2019/01

1. “It is better to be alone than badly accompanied,” said Pierre Gringoire in the15th century. This word has become proverbial, is far from being followed and the modern world, full of technology and void of human warmth, rather pushes to seek a nest of tenderness or the support of a group. “Everything rather than being alone” would be the current motto. It is the beginning of cowardice, of compromise. The main shortcoming of all collective life is the considerable loss of energy it induces, with the resulting waste of time. Each individual loses in intensity what he acquires in safety. And that goes for the usual family life, comforting and exhausted.
– Jacqueline Kelen: The Spirit of Solitude