“The world is made of sugar and dust”

Alfred Döblin

2013, the End of Winter, a sweet mist enfold us, the commuters live at a slow pace and tourists search the symbols of the past. Like every moment of the present that lengthens when we have the time to perceive it, I’ve got the feeling that I’m living in a kind of contained place that is enjoyed in an indolent way. Even though artictic axpression is seen here as a second nature, a sense of restraint avoids displeasing. The debonair city, reviles the frantic tempo of other metropolis and seems to promote cohabitation. Berlin is what it is, unchanged, presenting us with an example of something that doesn’t compromise reality. As for my images, through the style of these fifteen photographs, I pay hommage to fragility, evanescence and my never-ending indecision that makes me think I live in chaos surrounded by chimeras. These images are the fruit of an unstable and necessary choice, between becoming and the past, but a choice that is always crucial, even if I’m feeling my way, taking many small steps….

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Bruno D’ALIMONTE, 03/ 2013

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