“Getting lost is a dangerous way to find yourself.”

Clarice Lispector

A U-turn to get back on the main track would have been enough to get back to the routine, but there was this landscape with a slogan, this appeal to the desire for the better or perhaps it is was trap.
Something visceral told me: “Ouch, don’t want to stay there, need to get out! “. I was late anyway and the smartphone couldn’t have made that mood.
So I had left PARADIS(E).

On the way back, the image persists and asks me if I haven’t hit a tree head-on or if my troubled soul is not reconciling with the hereafter. It was only a detour as I am writing to you at this moment.

PARADISE is a photography artwork made by Bruno DALIMONTE
PARADIS, Fontaîne-l’Évèque Jan. 2019

And then, time has passed and during one biting cold day, almost a year later, I program a return to PARADIS(E): this improbable metro station that you can only take in the sights when it rains just during the blue hour.
For those who love stories, I tell myself that in PARADIS(E), to the point where an escalator welcomes you for the last climb, there is not so much hope and that we have already come a long way. 

At this time I think I need to get away because of a sign and now time is running out!

Bruno D’ALIMONTE  2017/12