Result of visual researches combined with an academic approach. This image is a part of a set that examines our relationship to a kaleidoscopic nature, including ecological issues that take us dynamically into a headlong rush through precarious passages, unlikely places, the scene of our vanities …
Symbolic or not, the focus is also contemplative by the widescreen format.

Potentia Naturalis 6, © 2015 Bruno DALIMONTE

Potentia Naturalis 6, © 2016 Bruno DALIMONTE

  • Made for a private collector
  • Print Technique:  Pigmentary Giclée
  • Paper type: Barity fiber based paper 315 gr
  • Glued onto aluminium sheet
  • Museum mount boxed (black mat)
  • Size: 75/25cm
  • Limited to 8
  • With Certificate
  • Tracking:
    • Upgraded & reprinted due damage April 2016 (prototype version destroyed)
    • Artistica Gallery April/May 2012
    • Promenade des Artistes, Chastres  Sept 2011
    • Forest Park with Cheptisun asbl, October 2011
    • Accessible Art Fair, May 2011
    • Brenart Gallery Brussels, December 2010
    • Accessible Art Fair November 2010
Potentia Naturalis 6, Verso

Potentia Naturalis 6, Verso

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