Without being able to define it clearly, started a very long time ago, this project of bringing together photographs from different places and times seemed confused or even unrealistic to me. And then, by dint of questioning the images and pushing curiosity during my quarantine, I realized that there was a tasty narrative thread in this pathway.

Photography is naturally a testimony that freezes a past moment and slows the passage to oblivion.

In my own way, even if it is lost in advance, my struggle against time is made up of a multitude of strange, sacred, hidden and improbable signs. This collection responds to my thirst for symbols in the representation of reality and allows me to build a compilation of almost timeless metaphors where color has nearly vanished.

Derisive, tender and radical, the photographs of the SEPIA IMAGINARIUM invite to an inner journey, this specific place of your imagination.

Bruno D’ALIMONTE 09/2020

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The work will be exhibited during BAS and from Sept. 24 to Oct 31 at Peep Art Gallery