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Socialconcept dispose d’une cote avec 3 œuvres émanant de l’Étape Berlinoise

Bruno D'ALIMONTE - Socialconcept is on Artnet

socialconcept is sur Artnet à présent

Bruno D’Alimonte is a contemporary Belgian photographer whose work focuses on capturing the ephemeral moments of urban life. Using a toy lens, D’Alimonte is able to play with focus, blurring parts of his compositions to lend them a soft, dream-like quality. The artist’s work incorporates the expressive angles and dynamic focus seen in works by André Kertész and Henri-Cartier Bresson. Born in 1969 in Brussels, Belgium, the artist began working as a technician in a black-and-white photo laboratory in 1990. He would later go on to create a non-profit association focused on preserving the legacy of Belgium’s artistic and cultural heritage through photography. The artist has since worked with the Newspaper Le Soir, and currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. (ref. Site web de Artnet )

Suite au Brussels Accessible Art Fair de 2016 – 3 œuvres en provenance de l’Étape Berlinoise sont à présent sur Artnet, le prestigieux site consacré au Marché de l’Art.
Me voici à présent coté.