Fiber based paper for pigment ink jet art prints

Probably the best combination for photographs addicted

Collector always searches for prints that are able to survive after his life, looking for a kind of « graal » : an image printed for permanence…

When I studied photography at school  to get my bachelor in 1989, I specialized my skills to high end printing techniques on silver prints with a lot of chemical products and and patience to reach to a satified result. Sure in that time, it was significant to talk about proof to describe such kind of work.

Old techniques like silver prints made from baryty papers in laboratory gave us that pleasure to see vintage or art print from some albums without any time’s damage. Now due to modern digital camera, the negatives have vanished and being replaced by electronic card. So nothing common with a camera obscura and the old school technique.

The question was thus to continue printing like antique kraftmen, taking picture with a vintage camera found on eBay  or to live with our modern technology? My intention is not to say that antique and alternative techniques are wrong or even worst but after testing, my choice was dedicated to modernity prefering to focus my concerns making images than passing time into darkness in a laboratory.

Now, the inkjet printing technology is mature, ans I can trust on it. As artist and kraftman too I can control how my prints are for your pleasure too.